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Acting in accordance with the law and ethical principles


Compliance with the law and internal regulations and the observance of ethical principals always form the basis of our economic success. We ensure strict legal conformity in our actions while taking into account ethical principles. The Eberspächer Group has set up a worldwide Compliance Organization to fulfill many local and global requirements. It gives our employees the guiding values for their daily work when interacting with colleagues, suppliers, clients, and competitors and helps them to handle legal and ethical issues.

Business Partner Code of Conduct

Download the Business Partner Code of Conduct here:

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Human Rights and Working Conditions Policy

Find our Human Rights and Working Conditions Policy here:

Material Compliance

Find our Conflict Minerals Policy here:

Whistleblower Portal Speak Up

Eberspächer would like to strengthen the trust of employees, business partners and third parties.
You can help us by pointing out possible rule violations.

Eberspächer Speak Up is available for this. Eberspächer Speak Up is an independent whistleblowing service managed by Deloitte on behalf of Eberspächer for all companies of the Eberspächer Group.

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Data Protection Notices

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International Data Protection

Personal data must be protected. We stand by our responsibility as a company and business partner and ensure that data protection is observed worldwide in accordance with the relevant national regulations. Further information on data privacy can be found here.