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Those who drive forward innovations today will shape the mobility of the future

Innovation Is Happening Now

A climate of innovation that inspires

We Create the Future

Innovations are the foundation of our Company and the mobility of tomorrow. We systematically promote innovations, provide our employees with the necessary conditions and engage in close interaction with strong partners from research, teaching, and business. We have the courage to make changes and promote innovations in the profound belief that we can achieve a great deal using our own strength. We also invest specifically in new technologies and business areas. It is not for nothing that Smart Solutions are one of the three pillars of our Corporate Strategy. They lead directly to impressing our clients and give us joy in our work.


Urban Mobility Solutions

The mobility of tomorrow, particularly in densely populated areas, is transitioning towards low-emission and extremely quiet solutions. Passenger transport is just as much a focus for us here as the transport of goods.

Thermal Comfort for Mobility

Clever thermal management solutions can contribute significantly to improving the use of resources and increasing comfort. The areas of application are diverse and can also be found outside of mobility solutions. 

Hydrogen for Mobility

A wide range of drive types will shape future mobility. We are already a reliable partner for our international clients in the field of electric mobility. We act as a researcher and project partner to develop marketable solutions for hydrogen drives.

Next Shed

Supporting Start-Ups and Intrapreneurs

Next Shed is the incubator and venturing arm of the Eberspächer Group.

This is where business ideas are driven forward and intra- and entrepreneurs receive support to develop them and implement them as marketable commodities. The vision of Next Shed is to establish brand-new business areas outside of the current core business of Eberspächer. We see the challenge of changing markets simultaneously as an opportunity for a successful future together. As an incubator, Next Shed further develops business models for both its own employees and in cooperation with external founders and start-ups. As a venturing unit, Eberspächer invests in startups and cooperates with founder teams to develop innovative business models together and tap into new technologies. 

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Current investments by Next Shed

Pace Telematics

Pace Telematics specializes in smart car functions. These digitalize and simplify many aspects of driving cars, from paying at the gas station and maintaining a logbook to making automatic calls to the emergency services.


When transporting goods, the challenge often lies in last mile mobility. Nüwiel responds to the need for environmentally-friendly goods transport in residential areas and inner cities.


There are many aspects to mobility. Flybotix uses the mobility and maneuverability of drones to inspect industrial plants. The drone technology is one of many foundations for new applications and business models in our fields of innovation.

Sauber und nachhaltig

The Future of Mobility

The mobility of tomorrow must be clean and sustainable. At the same time, users, whether in passenger cars, on trains, buses or on future modes of transport, expect a high level of ease of use and the comfort factor. This is precisely where we come in. Thermal management solutions from Eberspächer ensure optimum temperatures in vehicles of various kinds – in tropical heat and the bitter cold. In battery electric vehicles, a special kind of environmentally-friendly heating concepts is required as they must not put too much strain on the traction battery so as to maintain as great a range as possible. We also employ our expertise from heating and cooling in exhaust technology. In hybrid drives, the internal combustion engine cannot permanently maintain the optimum temperature due to switching between the electric drive and combustion engine. Or it loses it again when the engine control system switches from the internal combustion engine in urban traffic back to the electric drive. If the internal combustion engine is too cold, the exhaust system cannot work efficiently. Eberspächer develops reliable solutions here to guarantee optimum temperature control in the exhaust gas purification system. The electrification of mobility is making autonomous driving more important. The components from Eberspächer Automotive Controls ensure safety on the road and the efficient use of the available energy. 

Intelligent Heating Solutions

Low-Emission and Environmentally Friendly

Cold temperatures are critical for the range of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Innovative heating concepts can counteract the declining range. During winter, the internal combustion engines in plug-in hybrid vehicles often start up to heat the interior. The fuel-operated Hydronic S3 InCat heater prevents the vehicle engine of plug-in hybrid vehicles from starting up early and thus, independently of the engine, makes for a pleasantly warm temperature.

What’s more, the heater allows the cold battery to heat up fast, thus quickly restoring performance. The catalytic converter is completely integrated into the coolant heater and eliminates almost all CO and HC emissions, thus resulting in low-emission heating. An almost CO2-neutral solution for purely electrically powered vehicles comes in the form of bio-ethanol heating systems based on water or air heaters. They create the necessary warmth in the passenger compartment without using any energy from the vehicle battery. This is an ecological solution that does not impair the electrical range of electric vehicles.

The Optimization of the Internal Combustion Engine

As a specialist for exhaust gas purification and acoustic systems, clean and quiet mobility is our goal.

The innovative products of Eberspächer improve air quality and sustainably reduce traffic noise. Our experts find potential for reducing emissions in road traffic in the low- and high-temperature range of the exhaust system and the treatment of urea. The solutions are already fit for current international legislation such as China National 6, Bharat Stage VI and EPA Tier 3 and future ones such as EURO 7. In addition to the continuous improvement of pure combustion or hybrid engines, we are working on the trend topics of hydrogen and synthetic fuels. 

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Reliable Energy Supply

Safety for Autonomous Driving

Autonomous and partially autonomous driving functions such as a lane departure warning system are based on electric functions. These must have a reliable energy supply to guarantee safe operation. Eberspächer high-performance switches and safety switches contribute significantly to safety in modern vehicles. Their job is to always provide electrical energy wherever it is needed. Components from Eberspächer allow for the safe, reliable further development of modern, future mobility concepts.


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Tunnel mixer

The innovative mixing element has optimised geometry that makes it possible to minimise Diesel pollutants in small spaces in a highly efficient manner.


The intelligent acoustic valve reliably reduces engine noise in city traffic and ensures lower fuel consumption for interurban and highway driving.



The catalytic converter, which is fully integrated into the heater, significantly reduces both CO and HC emissions without actually altering the size of the heater.

Redundant Safety Switch (RSS)

In the event of a fault, the Redundant Safety Switch reacts in a flash. It disconnects safety-relevant functions such as brakes and electrical steering aids from the rest of the power grid, thereby securing them reliably.


Digital Services

In the digital age, simple products are transitioning towards networked systems that make users’ lives easier through intelligent solutions. Eberspächer offers digital services that give its clients the opportunity to establish new business models in the field of networked systems. The Eberspächer Digital Platform is a cloud-based solution to develop networked applications and implement digital business models. It combines the hardware in a wide range of application areas, analyzes their data, and specifically provides our clients with the most important information. Customized services can also be mapped on customer request without our clients having to develop and operate a dedicated system landscape. 

The fundamentals of digital business models

Connected Gateway


Digital Plattform

Business Services

Seizing opportunities

Does Your Idea Match What We Stand For?

Do you have an idea, concept, or business model that’s a good fit for us? In the broadest sense, does this relate to heating and cooling solutions, intelligent acoustic solutions, the improvement of air and water quality, mobile energy storage, mobility solutions, or autonomous systems in some way? Then take this opportunity and contact the team at Next Shed.


Our Strengths Lie in Components and Solutions for the Automotive Industry and Beyond.