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Pleasant Temperatures Throughout

Pre-heater retrofit -
to ensure comfort and safety

Climate Control Systems

Get a pre-heater for your car!

The basic principle of pre-heaters is to heat the passenger compartments and cabs of all kinds of vehicles, without having to depend on the heat given off by a running engine. Water-based pre-heaters for cars like Hydronic have a compact design and can be fitted almost anywhere in the engine compartment.


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Benefits at a glance

Maximum comfort

Easy to use

Protects engine and environment

Professional installation

Minimal fuel consumption

never scrape ice again

Easy Start - Operating elements 

You can use our practical remote controls to control your Eberspächer pre-heater from a distance. Their compact dimensions, simple operation and robust materials are quite impressive. They're like a piece of jewelry on a key ring. With EasyStart Web you can also control your pre-heater conveniently via smartphone, regardless of the distance.

All around the globe

Customer Service Worldwide

Our end-customer service for all aspects of our parking heater products is available to you in the following ways:
•    Contact directly via your workshop or
•    In Germany at technik-heizung[a]
•    In Scandinavia at info-se[at], info-no[at], info-dk[at]
•    Worldwide at info[at]
For further questions or topics you can reach us by phone +49 711 93900 or e-mail to info[at]

Please note: Fuel operated heaters are not suited as building heating system but authorized exclusively for the use in vehicles.