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Pleasant Temperatures Throughout

Eberspächer heating solutions
for passenger cars and trucks

Comprehensive portfolio of heating solutions

Heating solutions for all vehicle types and drive systems

Our customers trust the performance of Eberspächer heating solutions in any drive type. Whether combustion engines, hybrid drives, or pure electric drives – our port­folio of fuel operated heating solutions is designed and tested for a wide range of fuel types such as Diesel, gasoline, ethanol, bio-ethanol, and e-fuels. For many years, Eberspächer has also developed and produced electrical heaters in various power and voltage classes for air conditioning passenger compart­ments and conditioning BEV, PHEV, and FCEV batteries.
All components are in accordance with automotive standards and are characterized by a particularly compact design and a wide range of applications. When in operation, the pre-heaters are particularly efficient and quiet. We support our customers with our many years of experience, technical expertise, and extensive knowledge of vehicle-specific factors.
This allows us to offer the perfect solution each and every time.

Fuel- and Electric-Operated Heating Solutions

Fuel-operated heating solutions

Whether they’re powered by gasoline, Diesel, (bio) ethanol, or e-fuels, our air and water heaters are customized to meet the OEM’s requirements.

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Electric Heating Solutions

Eberspächer’s electrical heaters regulate the temperature of passenger compartments and can be used to condition the vehicle battery of BEVs (battery electric vehicles) and FCEVs (fuel cell electric vehicles).

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