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The Right Temperature for Every Requirement

The ideal climate in vehicles thanks to perfect thermal management

Air conditioning of commercial and special vehicles

At Home on Every Road

Whether it’s about tackling an initial installation or a retrofit in recreational vehicles or tending to thermal management in ambulances and the driver’s cabs of special vehicles for construction and agriculture: Eberspächer’s broad portfolio guarantees pleasant temperatures in almost all types of vehicles in both icy and blisteringly hot outside temperatures.

Eberspächer’s smart connectivity solutions support applications ranging from heating in private RVs to complete fleet management for commercial and special vehicles. We offer the right solution for what you require. 

Thermal Management Solutions for a Wide Range of Vehicles

Construction machinery

With climate control solutions for cabs our products deliver comfort for the operator of construction machinery all year long to keep them concentrated and save. On cold days you can preheat the engine and the cabin.

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Agricultural and forestry machinery

We offer everything from engine pre-heating to climate control for cabs of agricultural and forestry machinery. This includes heating & air conditioning or HVAC solutions. Specialized products for the agriculture segment are cab pressurization systems that keep dust and pollutants out of the cab.

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Recreational vehicles

With our diesel & petrol auxiliary heaters you have the perfect fit between maximum independence and ultimate comfort.  With fuel from the tank to heat you can save space and weight.

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Utility and cargo vehicles

Service vehicles, workmen's vans, or goods transport: Depending on the requirements, the interiors of utility and cargo vehicles are individually equipped. Eberspächer's thermal management system is just as unique. The right climate is thus guaranteed, whether only in the driver's cab or in the entire vehicle, whether combustion engine or e-mobility.

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Passenger cars

For ambitious drivers who value great comfort during the winter season right from the start. Aftermarket pre-heaters and smart control units are available for a wide range of cars.

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Electrical mini vehicles

High-density urban centers and strict emission regulations increasingly require all-electric vehicles with subcompact measurements. Thanks to our variety of heating and cooling solutions, a comfortable experience is always ensured.

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Minibuses and midibuses

When it comes to passenger transportation, comfort is key: Eberspächer products ensure a feel-good climate in minibuses or midibuses. At the same time, this supports the driver's performance, and thus ensures traffic and passenger safety.

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Only a well-rested trucker is good truck driver. This goes for summer and winter alike, which is why we offer a range of outstanding heating and cooling solutions for almost every cabin.

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With customized heating and cooling solutions, Eberspächer meets the high thermal management requirements in emergency vehicles. Whether in the patient compartment or the driver's cab: Optimal climatization fulfills legal requirements and creates the conditions for emergency personnel to perform at their best.

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Public safety

Whether it's the fire department, the police, or various aid and rescue organizations: When they move out, every second counts and maximum concentration is required. To ensure that the team members can always deliver their best performance, the heating and air conditioning solutions from Eberspächer reliably ensure an optimum climate in the vehicles, even in demanding situations.

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Our high quality boat & yacht heaters provide you comfort on board, prevents condensation, dry the interior and your clothing.

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Our Range of Services

Our range of pre-heaters includes fuel-operated and electrical water and air heaters. Depending on the application, these are integrated into the vehicle’s cooling circuit, for example. We equip fuel-operated vehicles just as reliably as hybrid and battery electric vehicles. For air-conditioning components, our customers rely on the components from Eberspächer Kalori. They provide a pleasant level of coolness on hot days and when outside temperatures are high, thus supporting the driver or machine operator’s ability to concentrate. In ambulances, Eberspächer’s air-conditioning systems guarantee ideal temperature control for the patient compartment. Particularly in special vehicles, all vehicle and equipment components must be operational at all times. Data-based services are taking on an increasingly important role in preparing for utilization. With Eberspächer’s digital services, fleet operators can view important information relating to the systems – regardless of their location. Several vehicles can be networked via a digital platform. The digitization of vehicles and components goes far beyond the thermal management components.

Fuel Operated Heaters

Our range of pre-heaters includes fuel operated air and water heaters suitable for a great variety of applications and vehicle types. Thanks to their space-saving installation and quiet and economical operation, they are flexible and efficient – the ideal choice for reliable thermal management in extreme and challenging conditions.

  • Vehicle heaters

Air Conditioning

Our innovative cooling solutions are an important part of our thermal management solutions for many different applications. They function reliably even in the highest of temperatures, keeping your vehicle pleasantly cool. Our custom applications ensure an optimum climate inside the vehicle, no matter how challenging the installation or requirements.

  • Roof-mounted
    air condition­ing systems
  • Parking coolers
  • Split Systems
  • Pressurization Systems
  • Refrigerators
  • Refrigerated

Electrical Heaters

Our electrical heater range includes heating elements and high-voltage heaters as well as other solutions for air and water heaters. We offer a comprehensive range of electrical heaters suitable not only for the complex demands of e-mobility but also a huge variety of other thermal management applications.

  • High-Voltage
  • Low-Voltage
  • Pre-heater


In addition to control units and automatic ventilation and flap control, our extensive accessories range includes many more elements for finding the perfect temperature for both recreational and professional use. Our diagnostic tools for workshops make maintenance and repair simpler.

  • Control Units
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Blower Fan Modules
  • Installation parts

Our Products for Optimal Thermal Management

Vehicle types of course vary in agriculture, construction, or for road trips, and our experts are up to the task of adapting heating and cooling solutions to their structural conditions. OEMs and OESs rely on our engineering proficiency and experience in air-conditioning for passenger compartments. We oversee everything from product development to training our technicians, thus making us a reliable partner at every stage of the product life cycle. We draw on a broad technology portfolio for heating and cooling solutions in special vehicles. This expertise enables us to react quickly and efficiently to new requirements.  As an engineering partner, we develop suitable thermal management solutions and implement the applications. In doing so, we focus just as much on the parameters of the OEM and OES as we do on the needs of the drivers and vehicle occupants. 

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