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Compliance at Eberspächer

Global responsibility internally and externally


At Eberspächer, we consider compliance to be the conformity of all our actions and decisions with applicable law. Integrity, legal and regulatory compliance, both internally and  in business relationships with third parties, is non-negotiable for us. As a company, we fulfill our responsibility to protect ourselves and our employees from liability claims, to maintain our good reputation and to protect the interests of our stakeholders.

Alexander Ade

Executive Vice President Legal, Integrity & Risk

We ensure strict compliance with the law in our daily activities, always and everywhere. Eberspächer has a strong foundation of values, which is why compliance and personal integrity are a matter of course and indispensable for us.

Our compliance management system provides support in our everyday work. We have defined company-wide compliance targets in our own corporate unit and our value chain. We use risk analyses to identify legal risks, which we manage and monitor in a targeted manner. Our compliance management system is subject to continuous development and improvement.

Our principles of behavior


Our compliance organization supports employees in all legal and ethical issues relating to their daily work. Our Code of Conduct, which is binding throughout the company, creates the legal guidelines for our business activities. It also guides our employees towards ethical and value-oriented behavior.

Download the Code of Conduct of the Eberspächer Group:

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As a global company, we work with various partners around the world who supply, advise and support us in a variety of ways. The basis for cooperation is set out in our Business Partner Code of Conduct and includes legal, social and environmental principles.

Download the Business Partner Code of Conduct here:

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Our whistleblower system

Eberspächer Speak Up

In order to prevent potential violations of legal obligations, we have established a whistleblower system. Eberspächer Speak Up makes it possible to investigate suspicions of prohibited business practices, human rights violations or environmental harm by Eberspächer or our direct or indirect suppliers at an early stage.

Eberspächer Speak Up is available worldwide at any time and enables secure and confidential communication with a compliance officer at Eberspächer in several languages, anonymously if desired. We protect the identity of whistleblowers and they do not have to fear any reprisals. We investigate every report with the utmost care in a defined procedure.

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Data Protection Notices

If you would like to submit a report via an external reporting office,
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We encourage you to submit your report via our internal whistleblower system Eberspächer Speak Up. In accordance with the European Whistleblower Protection Act, we would like to point out that a report can also be made to a federal office as an external reporting office:

BaFin Contact Point for Whistleblowers

Whistleblower System of the Bundeskartellamt

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Human rights and environmental due diligence obligations

Eberspächer has set itself the goal of complying with human rights and environmental due diligence obligations in an appropriate manner. We have formulated corresponding expectations of our employees and direct suppliers and developed a human rights compliance risk management process. This enables us to regularly analyze potential human rights and environmental risks in our own business activities and those of our direct suppliers. The aim is to identify and minimize risks in good time. As far as possible, we try to prevent, stop or reduce the extent of breaches of duty.

To this end, we have formulated a policy statement on respecting human rights and preventing certain environmental violations, in which we disclose the cornerstones of our holistic human rights strategy:



Conflict Minerals

As part of our commitment to human rights, we focus on responsible sourcing. Raw material extraction that fuels armed conflicts is unacceptable. We work closely with suppliers to identify the use of conflict minerals in our products in order to reduce and ultimately eliminate them. This is because such materials directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups. We are committed to this in our Conflict Minerals Policy:

Download Conflict Minerals Policy

Complaints procedure human rights and the environment

We have established an effective and appropriate complaints management system in order to identify potential adverse effects of our business activities or the activities of a supplier on human rights and the environment in good time. This is an integral part of our due diligence process. We offer contact points for whistleblowers in several languages in person, by post, via e-mail or our globally accessible Eberspächer Speak Up system. This gives employees as well as potentially involved and affected parties the opportunity to draw our attention to human rights and environmental risks and violations of the same obligations.

Further information on the complaints procedure can be found in our Complaints Procedure:

Complaints Procedure

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You can contact the managers, the local Compliance Officer, the Division Compliance Officer or the Chief Compliance Officer at any time.


By post

Alternatively, you can submit your notification by post. The address is as follows:
Eberspächer Gruppe GmbH & Co. KG
Eberspächerstrasse 24
73730 Esslingen

You can find more addresses in your area here.


Via e-mail

Furthermore, your report can be sent by e-mail to the following address:compliance[at]

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Specific areas of compliance

International Data Protection

Personal data must be protected. We stand by our responsibility as a company and business partner and pay attention worldwide to compliance with data protection in accordance with the respective national regulations.

Further information on data protection

Product safety and quality management

A high standard of quality and care is a matter of course for us. In order to eliminate risks for our customers from the outset, product safety and conformity officers ensure that specific customer requirements and legal regulations are taken into account. To minimize risks, our production plants have a certified quality management system.

Our certificates

Compliance at Eberspächer: Your questions and concerns

Our Compliance Organization will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject of compliance.
Whether employees, customers, suppliers or external parties - we are there for you.

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