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Whether commuting or traveling, thermal management solutions ensure comfortable temperatures in all seasons

Comfortable Temperatures in Busses and Coaches

Solutions for Bus and Coach

Customized System Solutions

As a global specialist for thermal management in buses and coaches, we develop customer-specific solutions for a wide range of requirements. Thanks to our proximity to OEMs and body builders worldwide, our clients benefit from quick coordination and short delivery routes. We offer consulting, support, after-sales services, local contacts, and product training to OEMs and body builders, as well as their customers. We apply our expertise and experience to the benefit of our clients while drawing on a broad technology portfolio to make individual heating and cooling concepts a reality. This enables us to reliably and efficiently regulate the temperature of bus interiors for outside temperatures ranging from -40 to +50 °C. We rely on sustainable, environmentally friendly systems and components.

Our Range of Services

Whether cooling, heating, or combining both, OEMs and body builders will find the right system in our product portfolio. Eberspächer’s thermal management components are specially designed to be adapted to the chassis, body, and individual configuration of your bus or coach. We focus on more than just the hardware and original fitting. Intelligent, digital control concepts for ideal energy utilization and specifically tailored diagnostic systems are a matter of course for us. Predictive maintenance solutions are the next logical step. The challenge and our expertise lie in component interaction and the overall system. Complete thermal management for buses and coaches – worldwide, from a single source. 

Service is King

Our customers are active in a variety of countries and climates – and face all sorts of conditions. High availability and fast delivery of both the entire thermal management system and spare parts are therefore essential. Eberspächer’s global presence and worldwide network of trading partners make it a strong partner. Our service portfolio includes training options for OEMs and body builders, as well as municipal bus operators and maintenance service providers.  

The Mobility of Tomorrow:
Eberspächer is your Partner

E-buses have many advantages in cities and densely populated areas. Emission-free, quiet public transport relieves urban congestion and makes an important contribution to limiting air pollution. As a thermal management specialist, we meet the expectations of hybrid and electric buses with state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly systems. In many cities and municipalities around the world people travel safely  with Eberspächer climate control systems.

The use of the right refrigerant makes an ecological contribution in buses with all kinds of drive systems. 
As opposed to the chemical agents R134a and R1234yf, the natural refrigerant R744 is environmentally friendly and safe: With a GWP (Global Warming Potential) value of 1, CO2 has the lowest global warming potential used in bus thermal management. In addition, CO2 is not flammable or toxic compared to other natural refrigerants such as ammonia or hydrocarbons. By using carbon dioxide, Eberspächer is making a significant contribution to environmentally friendly local public transport. In Europe as well as in other temperate climate zones, the heat pump system  can be used without any additional electric or fuel-operated heaters down to -15 °C – Eberspächer’s contribution to environmentally friendly public transport. 

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