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Safe, Highly Reliable Mobility with Automotive Electronics

Power grid stabilization in vehicles with various propulsion strategies

Automotive Electronics

The Electronics Expert for Safe and Stable Power Grids

Alternative drive concepts and safety aspects in autonomous driving are placing new demands on the power grid. The need for electrical power in the vehicle is continuously growing in order to guarantee extra safety and comfort for the occupants. At the same time, the electrification of drives or parts of the drive train allows CO2 emissions to be reduced. The extensive portfolio at Eberspächer includes solutions for all vehicle types, drive types and voltage levels. We have technological expertise in construction and connection technology, and in casting. From pre-development to series production and the aftermarket, everything is located under one roof. Even with an international scope, this allows for agile and flexible working methods. Our locations in Germany, the United States, and China guarantee close proximity to our clients.





> 400 


~ 35 million

Modules produced so far

Eberspächer Automotive Electronics develops and produces electronic modules and systems for the reliable operation of the vehicle power grid up to Autonomous Driving Level 5. Our components deliver the electrical power in the power grid precisely where it is needed. Eberspächer Automotive Electronics has produced around 35 million modules in the last 20 years. These include over 17 million high-performance switches, six million DC/DC converters, and 70,000 high performance / power storages in the last five years.

Modules Based on Semiconductors – Keeping High Currents under Control

Highly safe, intelligent switch solutions such as voltage drop limiters or e-relays are needed to reliably switch high currents and distribute them in the vehicle. We rely on efficient semiconductor technology in our modules and cooperate directly with manufacturers. This allows us to offer solutions for various voltage levels to clients around the world. The fast switching speeds enable the safe operation of the vehicle. Over 200 million MOSFETs have already been fitted by the Eberspächer experts so far. Our method of molding high-power bus bars is patented and has been used over 50 million times. This expertise makes us a reliable partner.

Supercap Modules as secure Energy Storage

Whether as 12 V or 48 V variants, our super­capacitor modules serve as reliable power storages. They are used within vehicles of all drive­train types to stabilize the energy supply. Especially in battery electric vehicles, modern power grids demand for high energy flows and increasing safety require­ments due to their complexity. As inte­grated solutions, Eberspächer super­capacitor modules, short SCAP- or UCAP modules, guarantee the supply of the vehicle power grid as well as critical electrical consumers in case of an emergency. These include, for example, electronic braking and steering systems (X-by-Wire). As buffer storage units, they also stabilize the power grid to compensate current peaks. Our 48 V super­capacitor storage is used as standard by leading manu­facturers: to store braking energy in electric and hybrid vehicles or as power supply for roll stabilizers. The reliable 12 V power storages of Eberspächer are used as a redundant energy source. In autonomous driving, for example, they ensure the secure operation of the vehicle power grid.

The expertise of Eberspächer Automotive Electronics can be seen in particular in the area of system and software inte­gration as well as the development of diagnosis functions for SCAP modules. These include state- of- charge (SOC), state- of- health (SOH), and state-of-function (SOF).

Analog Switch Technology

OEMs around the world rely on our expertise in construction and connection technology to reliably distribute electricity in the power grid and switch and distribute large currents. Over 17 million high-performance switches, over six million DC/DC converters, and over 70,000 power storage systems from Eberspächer are installed in vehicles around the world. With features such as short-circuit detection, over/undervoltage detection, and a diagnosis function, our modules ensure that safety-relevant functions operate correctly.   

Pronounced Manufacturing Expertise for Diverse Applications

Our efficient manufacturing techniques and methods are valued by our clients around the world. To cast the modules, we employ a patented method to provide a seal and dissipate heat. Agile project methods, team spirit, a young, dynamic and familial working environment as well as quick decision processes characterize our targeted approach to our work. This sets us apart as a reliable partner for our international clients. We develop and produce solutions for a wide range of vehicle types, different drive types, and voltage levels – from low-cost to high-end products.

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