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New acoustic valve generation for efficient noise reduction

Stricter acoustic legislation targets will apply in the European Union in two years’ time – and will be tightened still further in 2024. In order to be able to implement these future directives, the exhaust specialist Eberspächer has developed a new electrically operated acoustic valve. Thanks to maximum acoustic tightness and a continuously adjustable valve plate, it ensures lower levels of noise emissions and a pleasant vehicle sound. At the same time, it reduces exhaust back pressure efficiently. Vehicle manufacturers also benefit from advantages in installation space: Due to its outstanding performance, the Eberspächer acoustic valve minimizes the muffler volume by up to 30 percent – leaving more installation space for additional components while guaranteeing the same level of noise reduction. In-house production will start in 2020. Further information

Operational Excellence – Efficient into the future

Continuous improvement ‒ this is the motto of the Operational Excellence Program at Eberspächer Exhaust Technology. Dedicated employees strive for the sustainable improvement of work processes and structures every day. How can the safety on the line be guaranteed? What measures ensure disruption-free production? And how can individual processes be monitored efficiently? Operational Excellence solutions are diverse: in addition to introducing global standards and providing individualized employee training, the Division is also committed to using future-oriented technologies such as augmented reality. With efficiency-enhancing measures such as these, Eberspächer Exhaust Technology is well prepared for the challenges of the future. For further information, watch the film here.

Ice-free and warm – through the winter with Eberspächer pre-heaters

It's dark outside and the first frost makes the morning drive to work even more uncomfortable. The approaching winter means one thing for drivers without a garage – ice scraping and cold fingers. But there is a solution: the pre-heater. While the neighbor has to scratch, owners of a Hydronic S3 Economy can comfortably have breakfast at home and get ready for the day. The motto is "prefer hot coffee instead of cold fingers in the morning". And with the pre-heater it's quite simple: One click via Smartphone, Smartwatch or with the classical remote control is enough. The heater already warms up the interior of the vehicle and defrosts the windows. Anyone who has not yet installed a vehicle heater can have it retrofitted at an Eberspächer partner workshop. Further information

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The Eberspächer Group

The Eberspächer Group is one of the world´s leading system developers and suppliers of exhaust technology, vehicle heaters and bus air conditioning systems. Eberspächer is also a professional innovation partner for the automotive industry in air conditioning of special-purpose vehicles and in automotive electronics.