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Efficient pollutant reduction for Diesel vehicles

The introduction of the Euro 6 standard imposes strict emission limit values on passenger cars and commercial vehicles. In order to comply with these limits in technology terms, automobile manufacturers are turning to modern SCR systems for their Diesel vehicles. Their purpose is to bring about chemical reduction of nitrogen oxides with the help of ammonia, which is generated in the exhaust system from the injected aqueous urea solution AdBlue. As an innovative mixing element in SCR systems, the Eberspächer tunnel mixer enables pollutants to be minimized with maximum efficiency: Thanks to the improved design of the two deep-drawn molded parts, it ensures optimum evaporation and mixing of the aqueous urea solution with the exhaust gas. As a result, the ammonia that is released is homogeneously dispersed and reacts with the nitrogen oxides in the SCR catalytic converter to create harmless nitrogen and water. At the same time, the new mixer design relies on purposeful flow routing to minimize the occurrence of deposits. Further information

Eberspächer increases revenue and achieves global growth

During the financial year 2017 the Eberspächer Group increased its consolidated revenue to 4.5 billion euro. This in particular reflects the growing global demand for exhaust-emission control technology. The growth was primarily due to increased customer demand for commercial vehicle exhaust technology in Europe and growth in the Chinese automotive market. Activities for thermal management solutions were particularly intensified for vehicles with hybrid and electric drives. A plus in revenue recorded the vehicle electronics business. Interesting prospects offer new products to improve safety in autonomous driving. The international growth achieved by the Group resulted in additional new sites and growing numbers of employees last year. Today, Eberspächer is represented at approximately 80 sites in 29 countries. In 2018, the Group expects to achieve high-level revenue and an increase in result.
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Keeping cool in the summer with Cooltronic parking cooler

For professional drivers, it is important to keep a cool head, even when the temperature outside is hot. Eberspächer’s parking coolers provide comfortable cooling – during breaks and rest periods or while the truck is loaded and unloaded. New to the Cooltronic family: The Cooltronic 1000 Slim Hatch/MAN especially for MAN TGX (TGA) models. The parking cooler is tailor-made for trucks with an XLX driver cabin – there are no modifications to the spoiler required during installation. The entire unit is designed with energy-efficiency in mind and runs on battery power, making it completely independent of the engine. With Cooltronic parking coolers drivers feel refreshed after their break and can take the road again with a clear head. Further information

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Eberspaecher increases revenue and achieves global growth
Cooltronic Slim Hatch: Keeping cool in the summer
Eberspaecher opens a new plant in China
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23/05/2018 - 26/05/2018
RONDÔNIA RURAL SHOW - 7ª Feira de Tecnologias e Oportunidades de Negócios Agropecuários
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25/05/2018 - 27/05/2018
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BAHIA FARM SHOW - 14ª Feira de Tecnologia Agrícola e Negócios
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The Eberspächer Group

The Eberspächer Group is one of the world´s leading system developers and suppliers of exhaust technology, vehicle heaters and bus air conditioning systems. Eberspächer is also a professional innovation partner for the automotive industry in air conditioning of special-purpose vehicles and in automotive electronics.