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Olympic Champion, World Champion, Luge Legend

Georg Hackl

The title of “legend” would suit few athletes as well as Georg Hackl. He was one of the most successful luge pilots in the world. Winning on almost every notable luge track, he was at the top of the sport for 18 years.


He has always been known to spend every minute of his spare time on optimizing luges, and still does. His biggest successes were his 3 Olympic gold medals that he won in the one-seater, as well as his 10 world championship titles. Hackl was initiated into the FIL (International Luge Federation) Hall of Fame in 2012.

Fascination instead of awe

The 3 times Olympic champion, widely known as just “Hackl Schorsch”, is still deeply rooted in the sport, and is now passing his experience on to future generations. As the coach of the German national team, his focus lies on proper driving and sledding technique. His down-to-earth attitude and surprising sense of humility, considered that he’s a superstar, make him a charismatic figure for young and old.

Enjoying life

Hackl builds the luges in his workshop during the summer, working very closely with the athletes. However, the 50 year old does not have any ambitions to luge down the slope himself anymore. He prefers being an activist for renewable energies. But what else does “Hackl Schorsch” get up to then, you might be asking yourself. “I enjoy life,” he says in a typically Bavarian, laid-back manner.