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We bear responsibility for our employees, society, and environment

Taking Responsibility

Entrepreneurial responsibility

Setting Sustainable Goals

Sustainability is part of strategic action for Eberspächer. We have set goals, which we pursue in our daily actions. Our activities are oriented towards different action areas. Within these, we bring together joint efforts to achieve a better future, environment, and society.

Products and Innovations




Social Responsibility


Supply Chain






Products and Innovations

Pioneering products are not accidental at Eberspächer; they are the result of consistent management. Our engineers are already working today on the mobility of tomorrow. They are familiar with the requirements of the future and provide crucial impetus for automotive advancements. The performance that our products offer is just as sustainable as their manufacturing itself. 

For a Healthy Environment

Whether reducing emissions or noise, ensuring resource-friendly, energy-efficient production, or recycling, we take into account all aspects relating to our entrepreneurial activities. We feel responsible for observing requirements and standards within our area of responsibility. Not only that: We are constantly optimizing our activities to become a little bit better every day. 

Sustainability Report (PDF, 1 MB)

Social Responsibility

As a globally operating company, we are aware of our responsibility in every single location. We support communities, schools, and social institutions through various projects. Every employee can apply to “Helping Hands” for support for their social involvement. Together, we are standing up for a better future worldwide.

Further Information

Sustainability throughout the Supply Chain

Together with our suppliers, we pay attention to sustainability, human rights, protecting resources, and observing legal aspects throughout the entire supply chain. We set the same high standards for our suppliers as we set for ourselves. We have summarized these standards in our Business Partner Code of Conduct. Through close collaboration with our suppliers, we ensure complying with the principles anchored here. We check this in regular supplier audits.

For Our Employees

People are what determine Eberspächer’s success. These are the people who draw on their expertise, skills, and abilities every day in our company. We protect this precious asset as a company. We do not tolerate any discrimination, but instead promote diversity and equal opportunities. At the same time, we support the health and further development of our employees. At Eberspächer, employees have the space and the opportunity to make the most of their creativity and potential. 

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The Eberspächer Sustainability Report

Detailed information on our activities and our responsibility can be found in our Sustainability Report.




Compliance with the law and internal regulations and the observance of ethical principals always form the basis of our economic success. We ensure strict legal conformity in our actions while taking into account ethical principles.
The Eberspächer Group has set up a worldwide Compliance Organization to fulfill many local and global requirements. It gives our employees the guiding values for their daily work when interacting with colleagues, suppliers, clients, and competitors and helps them to handle legal and ethical issues.  

Business Partner Code of Conduct

Download the Business Partner Code of Conduct here:

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Mineral Compliance

Find our Conflict Minerals Policy here:

Contacting our Compliance Organisation

Get in touch with our compliance team. We will treat your questions and comments confidentially.

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International Data Protection

Personal data must be protected. We stand by our responsibility as a company and business partner and ensure that data protection is observed worldwide in accordance with the relevant national regulations. You can find data protection information regarding this website, as well as a contact adress here.

General country-specific guidelines or information

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