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Fuel-Operated Vehicle Heaters

Fuel Operated Heaters

A Wide Range of Applications

Whether small passenger cars or heavy commercial vehicles, fuel operated water and air heaters reliably preheat vehicle interiors, engines, and powertrains in winter. This ensures defrosted windows and by extension, good all-round visibility on the road. Pre-heaters and auxiliary heaters are just as useful for vehicles in winter as air-conditioning is in summer. Especially in the passenger, cargo, or work compartments of minibuses and vans, the air heaters provide comfortable and reliable temperatures. Depending on the acoustic requirements of the OEM, different exhaust mufflers are used. Together with the innovative control of the fuel metering pump, operation of the heaters is virtually noiseless for the vehicle occupants. In the transitional period in spring and fall – when it is quite cool in the morning but a thick jacket is too warm later on – a pre-heater helps regulate the cooler times of the day. With more than 80% efficiency, Eberspächer pre-heaters are the most effective solutions on the market.

Extensive proficiency in applications and product development make it possible

Our Range of Services

Eberspächer heating solutions stand out thanks to a very compact design. One and the same heating solution can be used in different vehicle types and series. This offers automotive manufacturers maximum flexibility with low parts variance. In vehicle production, extensive storage areas on the assembly lines aren’t required. For dealers, the number of part numbers is reduced and availability is increased with optimized capital investment. Our models’ power range is between 1.3 and 5.6 kWh. This high-performance variance means that several power classes can be covered with just one model. In operation, the broad power range enables optimum control. Having to frequently switch the heater on and off – not to mention premature wear – can thus be avoided. This and the heater and fuel metering pump combination ensure particularly quiet operation. Professional long-distance transport drivers can thus enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Our product portfolio includes fuel-operated air and water heaters. These not only run on gasoline or Diesel, but also on bio-ethanol or e-fuels. When relying on electricity to drive plug-in hybrid vehicles and battery electric vehicles, our fuel-operated heaters help maintain the necessary range when outside temperatures are cold. We deliver customized heating solutions just as reliably and quickly as standard components. 

Fuel-Operated Pre-Heaters and Auxiliary Heaters

Airtronic air heater

Eberspächer air heaters are independent of both the engine and the vehicle’s own thermal efficiency. They draw in cool ambient or outside air, heat it up, and release it into the passenger compartment. Overall, air heaters are an extremely efficient and fast solution for indoor temperature control. Because the air heats up immediately, their low battery consumption is a key feature. This makes them an excellent solution for commercial vehicles of all types. They can be mounted just as easily in the cab as in the trunk or underfloor. 

Hydronic Water Heater

Water heaters are integrated into the vehicle’s cooling water circuit, operate independently of the engine, and offer two advantages: they preheat both the passenger compartment and the engine. The heating energy is taken from the vehicle’s own heat exchanger and, via existing air ducts, distributed as finely metered quantities of warm air in the passenger compartment. The residual heat in the cooling water is used to heat the engine. Eberspächer offers water heaters for gasoline and Diesel-driven cars. They can make a positive contribution to reducing emissions of exhaust gases.

Fuel-Operated Pre-Heaters as Auxiliary Heaters

Waste heat from combustion engines is used to heat the passenger compartment while driving. However, modern generations of engines work so efficiently that they’re generating less and less waste heat. Auxiliary heaters are therefore gaining in importance as an additional heat source for both modern and future vehicle concepts. They are a reliable way to quickly create comfortable temperatures in the vehicle interior as soon as the journey starts. The high heat output of up to five kilowatts guarantees sufficient power reserves and a high level of thermal comfort in the vehicle. An optional heating element significantly reduces the heating phase by up to 50 percent. What’s more, in hybrid vehicles the auxiliary heater allows the cold battery to heat up fast, thus quickly restoring performance. Particularly in cold countries or in special-purpose vehicles, fuel operated auxiliary heaters are a sensible option that, with just a few components, can also be upgraded to a full-fledged pre-heater.

Operating Elements and Diagnostic Tools

Eberspächer offers a wide range of user-friendly operating elements for the quick and easy operation of pre-heaters. Whether it’s in the form of a timer, radio remote control, smartphone, or voice control via Amazon Alexa, the user has no shortage of attractive options to choose from. With the diagnostic tools, the pre-heaters and auxiliary heaters are easy to maintain and information can be read out in a straightforward manner.

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Our Sites

Headquarters Esslingen (Germany)

At the headquarters in Esslingen, the Fuel Operated Heaters Business Unit combines a high level of system expertise. This is where the development department is located, with its system and product engineers as well as test laboratories for functional, endurance, and climatic tests.

Sites Peking and Tianjin (China)

At these locations, Eberspächer engineers develop new products for the Asian market and international OEMs that are based there.

Site Elancourt (France)

OEMs benefit from product development, production, and sales contact partners that are close to the customer thanks to short paths and uncomplicated processes.

Sites Novi, Michigan, and Mississauga, Ontario (USA/Canada)

Heating solutions are developed, produced, and distributed specifically to meet the challenges of fleet operators in the American market.

Site Trollhättan (Sweden)

From Sweden, Eberspächer experts are able to serve the needs of cold countries. An on-site development team specializes in the stringent requirements involved and designs OEM-certified solutions. In a cold chamber, the heating components are tested for reliability at down to -40° Celsius. 

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