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For air-conditioning passenger compartments and conditioning vehicle batteries.

Electrical Vehicle Heaters: Comfort and Efficiency

Electrical Heaters

Pleasant Temperatures at All Times

We develop and produce electrical vehicle heaters in various power and voltage classes for air conditioning passenger compartments and conditioning the batteries of BEVs, PHEVs and FCEVs. Eberspächer customers can be sure that all components comply with automotive standards. Our expertise is based on years of experience. Special solutions are just as reliable as our standard components. Expect  precision, efficiency, and comfort.

Our Range of Services

Our product portfolio includes low- and high-voltage coolant and air heaters as well as  interior-placed heaters. Our solutions are mainly used for heating the passenger space and conditioning the high-voltage battery. We offer both standard products and customized solutions for the voltage and heating power ranges commonly available on the market. We use PTC technology in our electrical heating solutions. It guarantees a high level of intrinsic safety against overheating.

Electrical Vehicle Heaters for Alternative Propulsion Systems

Today’s traffic turnaround is characterized by alternative propulsion systems such as electric or fuel cell-powered vehicles and mixed variants such as hybrid vehicles. Our solutions:

Conditioning the Vehicle Battery

The traction battery of electric vehicles is sensitive to low temperatures. The charging process and the range may be affected. A PTC heater integrated into the vehicle battery cooling circuit ensures ideal operation.  

Air Heaters for Interior Temperature Control

High-voltage air heaters warm the passenger compartment and offer a cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized passenger cars. They are installed directly in the vehicle’s own air-conditioning system. The inherently safe PTC technology ensures reliable operation.

Coolant Heaters for Interior Temperature Control

High-voltage coolant heaters are installed in the vehicle’s cooling circuit. A heat exchanger heats the air that is blown into the passenger compartment. The coolant heaters’ level of performance is also suitable for larger interiors, such as in SUVs and vans. 

Electrical Vehicle Heaters for Conventional Drive Systems

Intelligent heating solutions can reduce fuel consumption in vehicles with combustion engines while increasing comfort for drivers and passengers. Our portfolio offers the right solution for almost any requirement:

OEM-Specific Standard Air Heaters

Since air heaters are installed in the vehicle’s own air-conditioning system, our portfolio offers a wide variety of geometries. We optimally adapt these to the OEM specifications. Low-voltage air heaters are available in 12 V and 48 V versions.

OEM-Specific Electronic Low-Voltage Heaters 

For these customized solutions for interior air conditioning, the electronics are integrated. The heating solution is designed individually as per the application. In this way, different climate zones can exist in the vehicle. 


OEM-Specific Coolant Heating Solutions

Eberspächer’s high-voltage coolant heaters are a highly standardized component. Via individual plugs and connectors, they fit almost every vehicle model and are integrated directly into the cooling circuit.

Interior-Placed Heating Solutions

For us, the focus of interior-placed heating solutions is on headspace heating. This is installed in the form of a high-voltage air heater in the backrest of the seats. It warms the occupant’s neck and is especially popular in convertibles.

Anything but Standard

End customers are increasingly attaching importance to conserving resources and providing comfortable mobility solutions. Automotive manufacturers can meet this customer requirement by using Eberspächer comfort solutions. Especially when outside temperatures are low, battery-powered vehicles require a lot of energy. If the interior of the vehicle is also heated, the range of the traction battery can be reduced significantly. Eberspächer’s heating solutions make pleasant temperatures in the passenger compartment possible while also conserving the battery. Regardless of the requirements of the system supplier, end customer, or OEM, the Eberspächer team draws on detailed knowledge of the overall system, innovative approaches, and reliable product solutions to meet every customer request.

The Way from Technology to Components

Whether it concerns the heating technology, the software and hardware of the electronics, the overall system or anything in between, internal teams are responsible for developing Eberspächer Electrical Heaters. This and an unbeatable level of production-based expertise make us a reliable system supplier for OEMs and OESs.

Our Research and Innovations Centers

TechCenter Herxheim (Germany)

Herxheim is responsible for the development of electric vehicle heaters. This is where the development area with system and product engineers as well as a test laboratory for functional, endurance and climate tests is located. Product development is carried out in accordance with the requirements of Automotive SPICE and functional safety. Herxheim is also one of the European production sites.

Landau (Germany)

Software and electronics for the electric heating solutions are developed by the sister company Eberspächer Controls Landau GmbH & Co. KG in Landau, Germany. The engineers are integrated cross-company in the Herxheim system development team.

Location Hermsdorf (Germany)

The experts at the location in Hermsdorf develop the intrinsically safe PTC ceramics.
These are used in our high-voltage heaters.


Tianjin (China), Brighton (USA), Nagoya (Japan)

From these three locations, sales experts serve our customers from the Asian and North American regions. In addition to application development, electrically operated heating solutions for the Asian market are produced in Tianjin.

Global Footprint

Always near the customer. Around the world.

Our international locations