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OEM/OES heating solutions for cars

Eberspächer car heaters are impressive as additional heaters, pre-heaters, and heating solutions in electric and hybrid vehicles.

With outstanding product features such as a long service life, robustness and multi-fuel capability, Eberspächer pre-heaters offer numerous advantages. Compact dimensions guarantee easy integration in the vehicle infrastructure at the OEM or during optional retrofitting. Stringent emission regulations, commercial aspects and the demand for particularly quiet and odorless pre-heaters necessitate the constant further development of all components. By introducing the Hydronic 2 Comfort pre-heater, Eberspächer has developed a solution which features built-in thermal management; to heat up the vehicle interior as quickly as possible.

As well as solutions for conventionally powered cars, Eberspächer also offers heating solutions for alternative drives such as those used in hybrid and electric vehicles. With these vehicles, the interior heating and the battery conditioning represent a huge challenge, and are dependent on the limited battery power. With a fuel operated heater from Eberspächer, the ranges of these vehicles can be considerably extended. High efficiency and the possible use of bio-ethanol as a fuel guarantee not only efficient heating but also practically carbon-neutral operation.