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Additional heaters – comfort solutions for the passenger compartment

As engine generations become increasingly efficient, additional heaters have become firmly established as a way of ensuring comfortable warmth in the passenger compartment. Eberspächer has been providing fuel-operated additional heaters since the early 1950s and has been providing electrical PTC additional heaters in different designs since the end of the 1990s.

Automotive manufacturers currently have a preference for electrical additional heaters built into the air conditioning module – however, it’s also worth taking a detailed look at the advantages of fuel-operated additional heaters: When a large amount of heat is required, the significantly higher heat output (compared to electrical additional heaters) of up to five kilowatts ensures adequate power reserves – without placing any appreciable burden on the electrical energy management. Especially in cold countries or in special-purpose vehicles, fuel-operated additional heaters are an extremely sensible option, which, with the addition of just a few components, can be upgraded to a full pre-heater – in OEM quality!

It is worth analyzing with us the specific requirements and the different systems with their manufacturer-specific requirements in the different markets.