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Comfortable warmth with Eberspächer pre-heaters

The basic principle of pre-heaters is to heat the passenger compartments and cabs of all kinds of vehicles, without having to depend on the heat given off by a running engine. Water-based pre-heaters have a compact design and can be fitted almost anywhere in the engine compartment. They are therefore the pre-heater of choice for cars with interiors too cramped for additional installations. The heat generated by the combustion chamber is transferred to the vehicle's coolant, and an (additional) electric circulation pump distributes the heat – even when the engine is off. Then, the interior fan is activated automatically, and everything works as it does in normal heater operation. The pre-heater runs on the vehicle's fuel, straight out of the fuel tank. You can activate it at your convenience, via a timer switch, a radio remote control or a smartphone app, depending on the model.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Maximum comfort – never scrape ice again
  • Protects the engine and the environment
  • Minimal fuel consumption
  • Easy to use
  • Problem-free installation

Not only can Eberspächer pre-heaters be used in practically every vehicle, their innovative technology is highly impressive – futuristic burner technology, for example, which enables the use of bio-ethanol (E85). Air-based Airtronic pre-heaters directly warm the air in the passenger compartment. With Hydronic water heaters, the coolant or – alternatively for boats and motor homes, the tap water – is heated as well.

As Eberspächer is a supplier for numerous vehicle manufacturers, the pre-heaters can frequently be ordered direct from the factory, or as accessories from dealerships. With a global sales network of approx. 4,000 installation partners, an Eberspächer pre-heater can also be retrofitted quickly and easily.

Even in innovative drive concepts such as in hybrid or electric vehicles, low-emission and low-consumption pre-heaters from Eberspächer reliably heat the interior, extending the range of the vehicle without burdening the battery.

Further information:

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