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Klimalogic I control element

All functions of the Eberspächer Sütrak air conditioners can be controlled using the Klimalogic I electronic control element (new plastic housing). Inputs are made on a robust illuminated membrane keypad. All settings, such as the interior temperature, fresh-air supply or fan speed, are easy to read from the clearly arranged LED display. An integrated safety function ensures that the compressor is switched off in time if certain impermissible operating states occur. Its compact design allows the Klimalogic I control element to be integrated easily into any dashboard. The model variants are available for 12-VDC and 24-VDC vehicle electrical systems. The software can be parameterized to suit individual customer requirements.



  • Automatic control of the interior temperature
  • Automatic or manual control of the fan speed
  • Display of outside and interior temperatures
  • Fault indication
  • Dehumidifier function (optional)
  • Control of fresh-air/recirculated-air operation (optional)
  • Operating-hours counter (optional)
  • Temperature-controlled compressor protection (optional)
  • CAN bus capable (optional)

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