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Gasoline particulate filters make gasoline vehicles cleaner

A new level of the Euro 6 emissions standard will come into force for all newly type-certified passenger cars within the European Union in September 2017. Its provisions include a reduction in particulate limits for gasoline vehicles with direct fuel injection engines. Almost one in two gasoline vehicles is fitted with this type of engine. However, this combustion method does result in increased emissions of soot particles. The Eberspächer gasoline particulate filters counteract that effect, filtering the soot particles out of the exhaust gas flow. Using the special filters means the soot particle content in the exhaust gas is well below the legal limit. As a result, the systems conform to the upcoming level of the Euro 6 emissions standard. Eberspächer developed the exhaust system based on the tried and proven technology of the diesel particulate filter. The soot particles are automatically deposited on the porous surface, so greatly reducing emissions.
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One for all - new E-Control platform

The new E-Control platform from Eberspaecher Sütrak enables optimal thermal management on-board buses. The control unit, the E-Control Box, centrally controls all heating and air-conditioning components, such as roof-mounted and driver's seat air-conditioners, the compressor, convector, heater and aisle heating in the passenger compartment and driver’s cab. Via the modern interface, the driver can easily select and control the essential functions. The direct-select button provides rapid access to important settings such as the dryer function. Moisture is removed from the windshield within a very short time, thus providing a clear view. Thanks to its extremely compact design, E-Control is suitable for installation and retrofitting in buses of all drive types.
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Comfortable warmth simply by app

In the cold season, for many drivers the day begins with annoying ice-scraping and a cold car. Eberspächer pre-heaters offer the possibility of setting off in a comfortably warm, ice-free car. The new EasyStart Web controller ensures more freedom and flexibility in winter driving: the pre-heater can be simply and conveniently operated using the app from any location in the world with network coverage. If your winter excursion is unexpectedly cut short, the pre-heater can be spontaneously activated via the app and your car will be warm and ready to go. In addition to comfort, it is safer to drive without winter jackets. Thick clothing increases the distance between the body and the seat belt and through this slack, the effectiveness of the seat belt can be reduced.
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