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Innovative products for enhanced exhaust systems

International exhaust-emission standards such as Euro 6, EPA 10 or Tier 4 interim demand increasingly more efficient hazardous substance systems in passenger cars, commercial vehicles and in the non-road sector. To meet these requirements, Eberspächer, working closely with vehicle manufacturers, has designed effective systems for exhaust gas post-treatment which have proven themselves globally. It is not just the automotive manufacturers that benefit from having carefully tailored exhaust systems as part of the original equipment. Workshops and commercial partners can also supply the aftermarket with parts and replacement systems, allowing them to retrofit to a quality standard equal to an OEM.

In this process, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is increasing in importance all the time. To this end, Eberspächer is building on its pioneering lightweight construction technology, bundled with the expertise of Prototechnik and the development of innovations in the field of exhaust systems such as ANC (Active Noise Cancellation). Using the antisound principle, lightweight and compact exhaust systems can be produced. These effectively reduce the weight of the vehicle. With the prospect of active sound comes the option of modeling sound – for more emotive force for small-engined (downsize) vehicles or as a safety feature for the particularly quiet e-mobility of the future.