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Solutions for sub-grids and comfort systems

The implementation of the 48V systems leads to a new generation of applications which are specifically developed for this voltage level. For cost reasons, these systems are supposed to be used throughout complete vehicle platforms and car lines, even in applications only providing a 12V system. In order to 48V components in a 12V-environment a sub-grid needs to be made available.

Eberspächer supercap-modules provide the perfect solution. Especially when high power within a short amount of time is needed, application of a SCAP-module is perfect. If integration of highly dynamic components (e.g. E-roll-stabilization, E-turbo) in 12V grids with AGM battery is the goal, the supercap module provides an ideal solution.

  • 48V SCAP-Module
  • Extremely fast power supply
  • Absorbs energy in case of load dumb (load dump limiter)
  • Designed for vehicle lifetime
  • High availability at low temperatures
  • High robustness against cyclization
  • Functional integration  of DCDC converter and switches possible
  • Dynamic suspension / E-roll
  • E-turbo
  • Electrified steering (EPAS)