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Why supercap-modules for Heavy Duty start-stop systems?

Conventional start-stop systems are connected with the typical starter battery. The ability for recuperation of standard batteries is very limited. Supercap-modules from Eberspächer are able to solve this contradiction through a high ability for recuperation. On top of that, supercaps can provide sub-grids on a different voltage level whereby significant higher starter power up pure electrical take off becomes reality. An ideal solution for Medium/Heavy Duty distribution traffic and public transportation.

  • Supercap as recuperation module
  • Short term energy storage for energy recovery systems in city busses or distribution trucks of all sizes
  • Similar applications in heavy duty applications
  • Engine start and eBoost with crankshaft starter generator
  • Provides 24V power via DCDC
  • High availability and cyclization
  • Up to 7% reduced fuel consumption