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Q-Diode – controlling the crossroads of innovative power supply systems

Continuous rising requirements towards efficiency and comfort demand utilization of high-end semi-conductor switches. Switching without wear or noises, high currents, fast and under variable conditions, self-sufficient or controlled.

Q-Diode I

  • Separation/connection of two-battery-systems to prevent voltage drop during start / restart
  • Separation/connection of two energy-sources
  • Self-sufficient – not outside control necessary yet possible
  • Carries full generator load
  • Smart packaging (integrated or as individual component)
  • Designed for lifetime (> 1Mio. Cycles)
  • Much less weight compared to common high current relays (approx. 150gr less)

Q-Diode II

  • Separation/connection of two-battery-systems to ensure safe state during restart in sail mode e.g. in conventional cars and PHEVs
  • Carries up to 250 ampere (current size, higher performance possible=
  • Communication in CAN/LIN
  • ASIL B on certain functions (e.g. communication)
  • Smart packaging (integrated  or as individual component), combination with pole-clamp possible
  • Designed for lifetime (> 1Mio. Cycles)

Voltage drop preventer

  • Stabilizes the complete power supply net by eliminating the cause
  • Stop-Start: Centralized current stabilization @9V
  • Scaleable current level
  • Safety: Can provide pyro-fuse replacement, potential-free starter wiring
  • Reduces wear in starter motor and at starter pinion à increased lifetime of starter
  • Significant cost reduction as stand-alone solution compared to dual-battery systems or converter-solutions
  • Also possible for Trucks and agricultural applications

70/100 ampere plug-in relay

  • Replaces electro-mechanic standard relay (plug and play)
  • No noises
  • Absolute safe (no “self-switching” under high mechanical acceleration e.g. during crash)
  • Electrification of auxiliary applications and functions
  • Designed for lifetime (> 1Mio. Cycles)
  • Typical applications: Gasoline pumps, cooling, Vents for engine or passenger compartment, Switching of glow-plugs, Relay based PTC-heaters