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Electronic control units (ECUs) and power electronics – continuously rising complexity of power supply systems demands intelligent solutions

Pinpointed use electronic power is the core functionality of our power electronics and control units. At the same time the realized functions contribute to a high safety level and reduced emissions. Integrated design combining control unit and power unit into one design lead cost- and weight reduction in the vehicle.

In general integrated control units / power electronics are design to meet specific customer functionalities and requirements. The following only shows examples of realized products.

Glow plug control unit

  • Control unit for diesel glow plugs including regulated temperature steering
    -> common glow plug control units “steer” the temperature but don’t really control it. The Eberspächer Automtive Electronics solution provides real control over the temperature, allowing a much narrower tolerances of the temperature for the combustion process.
  • High surrounding temperatures: Installation in engine compartment possible
  • High loads
  • Various mechanic interfaces
  • Additional sensor functionality
  • Various communication interfaces
  • Short circuit and open load detection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Compact design
  • Optimized EMC behavior

Control units with integrated power electronics

  • Control unit for pre-heating of catalytic converter to achieve highly effective cleaning in cold conditions. Very important to achieve high percentage of start-stop and sailing modes.
  • High ambient temperatures – installation in engine compartment possible
  • Precise regulation
  • Additional sensor functions
  • High loads

Universal control unit

  • Control unit for auxiliary functions or special applications in passenger cars, trucks, agricultural applications and non-road vehicles
  • Perfect solution for body-builders and up-fitters
  • Ideal for self-controlled operation of interior lighting, flashing lights/rotating flashing lights, backup warning units, roof-cooling units or any other special application
  • LIN / CAN transceiver / translator
  • Fulfills environmental requirements for interior
  • Validated according to LV124
  • Microcontroller based solution – self-sufficient, no integration into the vehicle network necessary

E-control box

  • One hardware for many applications through software parametrization
  • Typical application e.g. multi-zone climate control systems – based on a central control unit
  • Validated according to LV124 and ISO 16750
  • Standardized interfaces à standard plug available on market
  • Customer specific parametrization

Gateway - Easy Fan

  • For vehicles with fuel based auxiliary heating
  • Intelligent control of driver- and passenger compartment venting
  • Automatic recovery of previous settings
  • Automatized control of flaps and vents
  • Various software versions (e.g. high- or low-speed CAN)