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Highly integrated modules for the automotive future – safety at the highest level

Autonomous drive needs safety at the highest level. Additionally comprehensive sensor technology as well as control over drive conditions and charge-status of batteries is demanded. Ensuring redundant power supply of critical components complete the portfolio.

Integrated switch module

  • Integration of various functions in one module (voltage drop prevention, Q-Diode, DCDC)
  • Modular structure
  • Safe start during sailing mode without additional energy source
  • Stabilizes starter battery > 9V – voltage adjustable
  • Controlled interruption of functions
  • Current limiter / Current control in PHEV or BEV

Autonomous Drive Safety Switch

  • Safe separation / connection of two power supply grids for autonomous drive applications with high ASIL rating
  • 12V / 48V variants
  • Bi/Uni – directional, depending on customer requirements and functional integration
  • Ability to control safety functions independently
  • Safety functions realized through HW – independent from mirco-controller
  • Robust design based on ECON patents
  • Scaleable ASIL-level, depending on customer requirements

Redundant Battery Controller

  • Safe separation / connection of two 12V power supply nets for autonomous drive applications including high ASIL rating
  • Voltage control of 12V net
  • Charge function and SOC control for secondary energy storage unit
  • Protection of secondary grid ensuring power supply to safety relevant applications
  • ASIL C, resp. based on customer requirements – scaleable to ASIL D
  • Integration of proven technologies for switches, Q-diode function and DC/DC-converter to a high-end integrated system