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Automotive Electronics - Your professional Partner for Innovations in the automotive industry

High-power and reliable switches, power electronics and control units (ECUs) are the core competence of Automotive Electronics. Customer oriented value added and sustainable mobility are our guiding principles. Eberspächer provides solutions for the complete field ranging from conventional switches to highly safety relevant ASIL-D applications, as well as semi-conductor based plugin-relays up to high-performance switches for several 100 amperes. Eberspächer solutions support efficient power supply system management, high- or fully automated vehicles, latest driver assistant systems and green powertrain applications e.g. Stop-Start function.

Switches & Control Units – wear-free semi-conductor technology, long lasting and best emission characteristics

Automotive Electronics provides robust, efficient and reliable semi-conductor switches ensuring stability in the power supply system through separation and connection of energy storage devices without any noise or wear. Cutting edge engine management and powertrain applications reducing emissions and consumption are supported by efficient electronic control units (ECUs), developed and produced by Eberspächer. more

Power storage - reliable storage and utilization of recuperative energy

Coming along with the electrification high performance electrified systems are being integrated into vehicle architectures. In order to meet consumption and emission target values, Eberspächer  develops and supplies power storage solutions allowing recuperation of mechanical energy. The system enables buffering mechanical energy as electric power and a tailored supply for electric components. more

EMS+ - manufacturing service for electronic components

Far beyond pure manufacturing service: Automotive Electronics provides support for the complete value chain including development, sales, quality management,  purchasing and manufacturing with focus on automotive.  more