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Driver's seat air conditioning – AC403 E G2

The AC403 E G2 is an electrically powered roof-mounted AC system that is characterized particularly by its constant output and easy installation. The AC403 E G2 is preferably suited for air conditioning the driver's seat in city buses and coaches, and fulfills the requirements of the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV). 



  • Optimized efficiency: Electrically powered compressor, constant cooling performance, electrically powered compressor
  • Low assembly costs: Shorter installation time, no refrigerant lines inside the vehicle, pre-filled refrigerant circuit                                                                                                                       
  • Low life-cycle costs: lower maintenance costs and time, long running times for evaporator fans and condenser fans due to brushless technology, constant cooling capacity

Maximum number of options

  • Usable as passenger compartment AC with fresh air/heating option in accordance with VDV 236/1
  • Also available as a split system
  • Two alternative positions for the evaporator-air inlet into the vehicle can be selectedKlimalogic I electronic control element