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Klimalogic II control element

The Klimalogic II electronic control element controls and monitors all functions of an Eberspächer Sütrak bus AC system fully automatically. This includes control of the air-conditioning system for the passenger compartment and driver's seat, as well as the entire vehicle heater including pre-heater. The illuminated graphic LCD display facilitates input of all setpoint values and indicates the active functions of the air-conditioning system. An integrated safety function ensures that the compressor is switched off in time if certain impermissible operating states occur. With is standardized design, the Klimalogic II is simple to integrate into any standard installation slot in the dashboard. The model variants are available for 12-VDC/24-VDC vehicle electrical systems. The software can be parameterized to suit individual customer requirements.




  • Separate automatic control of the interior temperature for the passenger compartment and driver's seat
  • Automatic or manual control of the fan speed
  • Control of the pre-heater including water pump and motor valve
  • Automatic or manual control of fresh-air and recirculated-air operation
  • Dehumidifier function
  • Indication of the outside, interior and setpoint temperatures
  • Fault indication
  • Fault memory function
  • Operating-hours counter
  • Temperature-controlled compressor protection
  • CAN bus capable
  • Control via/by front box

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