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Roof-mounted AC system – AC353-5

The 5th generation AC353 has a new look. Its minimalistic design, as well as its clear lines and contours, makes the AC353-5 unmistakably more puristic and dynamic than ever before.

Reliable, durable and robust: the AC353-5 combines the groundbreaking features of the AC353 product family into a single system. The reduction in refrigerant and electricity consumption, which is a saving of up to 10% compared to the previous AC353 G4 generation, ensures a sustainable energy balance. With a cooling capacity of 27 kW in the basic version through to the powerful variant with a 6-cylinder compressor and a cooling capacity of 48kW, the AC353-5 is designed for use in both temperate climate zones and hot countries. With a switch-off temperature of 46°C and a cooling capacity of 27kW, the Tropic Version AC353-530 is the light and compact alternative for use at high ambient temperatures.


Product optimisation

The AC353-5 is the enhancement of the 4th generation. In detail, the AC353-5 features the following optimisations:

  • Cooling capacity increased to 48kW
  • Weight reduced by up to 10%*
  • Power consumption reduced by 10%*
  • Refrigerant consumption reduced by 10–15%*
  • Increased durability thanks to 25% reduction in refrigerant lines

* Version-specific figures


The AC353-5 combines cutting-edge components with state-of-the-art technology and offers extensive benefits:

  • For use in all kinds of buses equipped with side air ducting
  • For use in all climate zones
  • Environmentally friendly because less refrigerant is required
  • Reduced life-cycle costs
  • Standardised mounting surfaces and roof apertures makes installation simpler