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Roof-mounted AC system – AC136 G4

The AC136 G4 product family facilitates adaptable heating, ventilation and air-conditioning solutions for ideal passenger comfort in city buses, tour buses and coaches. The systems are versatile, very powerful and are available with a cooling capacity from 27 kW to 39 kW. Thanks to their very compact size and the extremely low weight, all models are simple to mount on any bus roof. Furthermore, the AC136 G4 is characterized by its efficient energy management through especially economical electrical power consumption.




  • Modular system

    • Uniform interface for all buses in different climate zones
    • Reduced installation costs

  • Lightest system in the market segment

    • Micro Channel Heat Exchanger (MCHX) technology
    • Refrigeration components made of aluminum
    • Lightweight, robust housing made of dimensionally stable ABS plastic

  • Maximum energy efficiency

    • MCHX condenser covers a large cooling-capacity range using a small quantity of refrigerant
    • Fan with optimized blade geometry permits high air throughput combined with low current consumption

  • Environmentally friendly

    • Reduced fuel consumption through lower weight
    • Less noise thanks to highly efficient condenser fans

  • Lower life-cycle costs

    • Long operating times of the condenser fans and evaporator fans through brushless fan technology
    • High leak resistance through block connections according to automotive standards