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Eberspächer Vairex moves to new facility

- Enlarged engineering and production space to support growth

- Low carbon footprint and high operating energy efficiency

- Air compressors for stationary and mobile fuel cell applications

Esslingen (Germany) / Lafayette, CO (USA), May 2, 2022 – When Eberspächer acquired Vairex in July 2021 it had a clear vision to extend its business activities related to Hydrogen technology. Now, Eberspächer Vairex moved to its new facility in Lafayette, Colorado, USA, near Denver International Airport.

Following its maxim of hydrogen being an important energy carrier to reduce carbon emission for clean mobility and stationary power supply, Eberspächer Vairex expands its business activities. During the last months the specialists for air compressors in fuel cell systems were able to engage business with new customers all over the world. Based on this positive progression the company focusses on its further growth. Thus, the team moved now to its new location. The building offers about 12,000 square feet to expand development and production of the company’s industry-leading fuel cell compressors and associated subsystems. In addition to the larger area to support product testing and manufacturing, the number of employees is also growing. “This beautiful new facility is increasing our capability in every way, from the number of employees in all departments, through testing and production, only nine months after joining Eberspächer”, states Ski Milburn, CEO of Eberspächer Vairex and founder of the original company. “Only minutes from our original home in Boulder, Colorado, it is closer to the labor markets of the Denver metropolitan area, and just over a half-hour’s drive from Denver International Airport, increasing ease of access for our customers, suppliers, and partners.” 

Energy efficiency
The newly-built wood building has about 70 percent less carbon intensity than typical steel or concrete construction, which also reduces heating and cooling energy by more than half. Eberspächer Vairex is contracting with the local utility for zero-carbon electricity from wind and solar generation located off-site. This supports Eberspächer’s goal of Net Zero CO2 Emission in production worldwide by 2030. Dr. Jörg Schernikau, COO Climate Control Systems / Automotive Controls, underlines this proceeding: „Hydrogen technology enables decarbonization in traffic, energy industry and production. With enlarging our engineering and production capacities we clearly drive sustainability and solidify Eberspächer Vairex’s place in our group of companies”.

Air compressors and blower systems
The compressor systems of Eberspächer Vairex are critical components for the functionality of fuel cells, which convert hydrogen as well as other fuels and air directly into electricity without combustion. The company’s modular product range is the widest in the fuel cell industry, covering the requirements of fuel cells in applications from under 3 to over 30kW. An extension of the current product line is in development that will extend flow rates to support fuel cells up to 150 kW to support larger stationary fuel cells as well the growing passenger and freight transport markets.

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Anja Kaufer
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Eberspächer Group
Phone: +49 711 939-0250



About Eberspaecher:
With approximately 10,000 employees at 80 locations worldwide, the Eberspaecher Group is one of the automotive industry’s leading system developers and suppliers. The family business, headquartered in Esslingen am Neckar, stands for innovative solutions in exhaust technology, automotive electronics and thermal management for a broad range of vehicle types. In combustion or hybrid engines and in e-mobility, the components and systems from Eberspaecher ensure greater comfort, higher safety and a clean environment. Eberspaecher is paving the way for future technologies such as mobile and stationary fuel cell applications, synthetic fuels as well as the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier. In 2020, the Group generated revenue of more than 4.9 billion euros.


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Eberspächer Vairex moves to new facility
New building of Eberspächer Vairex in Lafayette, CO (USA): 12,000 square feet for the further development of fuel cell components. The building’s carbon footprint is more than 70 percent lower than comparable facilities.
Eberspächer Vairex moves to new facility
Ski Milburn, CEO Eberspächer Vairex, in front of the new site in Lafayette, CO (USA).