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"You notice that Eberspächer is a family company: they still have values here!"
Verena Meyer, Key Account Manager (Sales Heaters)

In order to create a better work/life balance for employees, Eberspächer provides for variable and flexible working hours. Therefore, depending on an individual`s personal and company situation, very different solutions are possible such as for example flexitime or part time. Eberspächer also offers a range of innovative opportunities within the working hour models, depending on the conditions prevailing at the relevant location.

Family-friendly – our day-care centers
Our company day-care center in Esslingen provides the moms and dads on the Eberspächer workforce with a much more relaxed start to the day. In a space measuring more than 1,100 m2, the children have the run of eleven large, bright and well-equipped rooms including a studio, reading room, construction corner, exercise room, mudroom, market place, kitchen, cloakroom, baby changing room, WC and shower as well as an arts & crafts room. The children also have a roof garden with sandpits, swings and a grass area, a pirate ship as well as a bobby car racetrack and many other attractions.

The parents also love our day-care center
"My daughter, Samira has been going to the day-care center at Eberspächer for several years, and her little sister, Clara is now also a part of the day-care group "firefly". They love going there because it gives them so much scope to play and run around, and to relax too. The layout of the day-care center with its different rooms is really lovely because it offers the children different things to do depending on their mood and what they feel like. I really love the fact that the educators there place such a high value on encouraging and teaching the children and that there are two different groups for younger and older children. Therefore an age-appropriate care of the children is ensured. The full board they provide is the icing on the cake. I really have the feeling that my daughters are in good hands there. The day-care center is great for me too, because it gives me the opportunity to combine work and family. I can take my daughters to work with me in the mornings and then collect them at the end of my working day without any stress as I don't have to drive from my workplace to the center. The proximity of the day-care center is truly ideal. And if there is ever an emergency, I can get to my daughters quickly." Monika Zepf, HR Specialist, Corporate Center.


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