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"Our success is built on the foundation of our shared values."
Martin Peters, CFO/Managing Partner

We constantly strive to think and act responsibly for the good of our business, our customers and our employees. Working at Eberspächer offers them the opportunity to create a fulfilling work-life balance.

For us, accepting responsibility means doing justice to our assigned tasks. Shared and binding values are the yardstick with which we measure our achievements. These values represent the foundation on which we reliably base our business decisions, plan our targets, work and succeed.

Our objective is cooperation expressed by appreciation as well as friendly and polite manners. For this reason, we consider mutual respect to be essential in our conduct.

We recognize the positive diversity of people and the special characteristics of each individual. We all benefit from this growing diversity by promoting the individual strengths in each person. Tolerance is the prerequisite for this.

To us, the quality of our products and services is one of our hallmarks. All employees are responsible for producing high-quality results in their work.

We have a commitment to our customers and our employees. We say what we do and we do what we say. Reliability throughout the business can only be achieved through discipline. This is the foundation for cooperation and trust.

We react to violations of our rules. We are target-oriented and responsible for the results.

We strive to ensure that customers and employees alike feel happy and are appreciated by our company. This requires mutual trust, which we endeavor to promote.

We are genuine partners to our customers, suppliers and employees. We work together and for each other, striving to establish trusting and long-term partnerships.

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