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"Our core management values have been developed by employees and management together."

Flat hierarchies, creative freedoms and humanity characterize our firm. This places high demands on the management staff. With us, the best manager is not the one who performs his task excellently, but rather the one who enables his employees to realize their potential and thus leads his team to top-class performances. An effective manager succeeds in creating a working atmosphere, in which his employees enjoy working and at the same time have the ambition to enthuse their external and internal customers.

To ensure that our managers can successfully live up to this responsibility, they are supported by Eberspächer. One tool we offer is a program of personal development which is tailored to the individual`s needs. The Eberspächer mission statement is of particular importance to us in this context. It includes, among other things, statements as to our values, how we deal with one another, and also describes the relationship we strive to establish between managers and employees.

The Eberspächer mission statement

Here are a few examples from the Eberspächer mission statement, which define our view of management:

"I listen actively to and take seriously the issues of my employees."
"I utilize the competence of my employees and give them responsibility."
"I challenge my employees and help them to advance".
"I stand by my employees, even when decisions prove to be incorrect."

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