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Products and technologies for the mobility of tomorrow

Increasingly stringent exhaust emissions limits and guidelines require innovative and environmentally friendly technologies to ensure the mobility of tomorrow.
Hybrid and electric vehicles are gaining in importance, even though they have not edged out the combustion engine. Together with the increasing use of alternative fuels, the combustion engine will continue to power most vehicles on the road for the coming decades, albeit with significant improvements, further developments and more and more new manufacturing techniques.

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With this in mind, Eberspächer is already working on groundbreaking products which will effectively reduce emissions. Already developed to series production readiness, lightweight systems with tailored material thicknesses, light materials and new system solutions enable CO2 savings of up to one gram per kilometer. "Active Sound Design" will be able to reduce CO2 emissions by a further three grams per kilometer in future. Exhaust heat recovery offers the greatest savings potential for carbon dioxide emissions. With exhaust heat recovery, CO2 reductions of up to 10 grams per kilometer can be achieved through various components and processes. This will result in the low-pollutant combustion engine of tomorrow. These are developments which can also benefit hybrid vehicles. The frequent start-stop conditions create more and more "cold start phases," which can in turn lead to higher emissions of CO and HC. The latent heat storage catalytic converter can significantly reduce these "cold start emissions."

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To implement new product ideas, Eberspächer relies on continuous improvement in all technology and manufacturing areas. These extend from modern production lines and techniques in welding and molding processes through to new and alternative materials in the development and processing of exhaust gas systems. These innovations will be industrialized in the near future and offer new, high-performance solutions for exhaust technology.

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