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Compliance – The standard for conducting business

Eberspächer, a worldwide operating company places great importance on a responsible, business-like approach – when it comes to oneself and when it comes to others. The company's mission statement serves as a guiding principle. It defines one's self-image as well as the basic principles for cooperation based on partnership.

Moreover, these Eberspächer standards for business behavior are fixed in specific Conduct Guidelines:

Business Conduct Guidelines in the Eberspächer Group: The conduct guidelines establish the ethical and legal framework within which the international group operates.

Code of Conduct for Business Partners: Eberspächer also expects that suppliers, business partners and their employees behave responsibly and follow the principles established in the Eberspächer Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Business Partners. The basic principles are:

  • Prohibiting corruption and bribery
  • Respecting the basic rights of employees
  • Prohibiting child labor
  • Employee safety
  • Protecting the environment
  • Protecting data